Porter Shreve and Bich Nguyen

Being a writer and balancing a relationship can be a difficult endeavor. While working, we live in a solitary, internal world where a partner cannot follow. Like most writers, I’ve imagined what it would be like to be in a relationship with another writer. Would we have hour upon hour of literary discussion, referencing Hemingway and Dickens’ characters, chuckling at our own wit? Or would the house go un-cleaned, the laundry pile up and meals go uncooked when we both had a deadline looming? Is any house big enough for more than one writers’ ego and uncertainties?

      The article by Sarah Layden in Indianapolis Monthly on married novelists Porter Shreve (The Obituary Writer, Drives Like a Dream) and Bich Nguyen (Stealing Buddha’s Dinner) shows how with respect and priorities as relationship pillars, coupled writers can have the room to grow and thrive in the literary world.






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