Scratch Writing Contest

The path of writing is built one story at a time. When we win a contest or place a piece, the work we have invested in creating rich characters that others can connect with becomes ripe with hope. I am honored to have my short story chosen as the April winner by Scratch, an on-line literary contest, and Brian Jay Corrigan, who was chosen Author of the Year in 2006 by the Georgia Writers Association for his debut novel, The Poet of Lochness

Nothing But Trash 

“You was left in a dumpster. Your mama knew from the start you was nothing but trash.”
Jane walked toward the bus stop, ignoring Daniel. He threw the words at her every morning while his friends snickered in a small pack behind him. Daniel had made it his life’s purpose to make sure that everyone at Cary Home understood Jane’s abandonment was the most shameful form of rejection and that somehow she had been deserving. Their mamas, he argued, had kept most of them longer than a few hours after birth before leaving them behind. And none of them had been pitched into the garbage, left to die surrounded by empty food cans and used sanitary napkins.

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  1. I found a link to the scratch writing contest in facebook but was leery so I did a search and this site popped up. This site seems very interesting and I decided to post a hello, I will definately look around.

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