A Must Read: Naming the World and Other Exercises for the Creative Writer

Naming the World and other Exercises for the Creative Writer is a must-have for all creative writers.  Bret Anthony Johnston, Harvard Creative Writing professor and author of Corpus Christi: Stories, has organized an assortment of talented writers who discuss all aspects of creative writing. Such well-known names as Tom Robbins, Dorothy Allison, Dan Chaon and Margot Livesey are just a few writers who offer their views on how to tackle and master the craft. Character, point of view and tone, plot and narrative, dialogue and voice, descriptive language and setting, revision and daily warm-ups are all addressed in the guide. Joyce Carol Oates introduces writing prompts after sharing her views on what her role is in her workshops:

“In my Princeton fiction workshops I define my role, or one of my roles, as that of an ideal editor: not a rejecting editor, not a censorious or severely critical or interferring editor, but one who defines herself primarily as a friend of the text and a friend of the writer, in that order.”

No matter where you are in the writing process: beginning, developing or revising, Naming the World offers diverse and interesting views and exercises, helping make the singular occupation of writing seem not so solitary.


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