Welcome 2010!!

Like many people, I set goals for the New Year. More than making resolutions, I like to reflect over the past 365 days and recall the experiences—good and bad—as well as decipher the lessons learned. Here are twenty of the best ones 2009 taught me.

  1. Follow your passion. It will show you the way.
  2. Creativity is a gift. Focusing on the money or recognition your talent will get you is a slippery slope. Put your attention on the work, pour your heart into it and let the rest take care of itself.
  3. Life changes you—you can either let the hard lessons break you or make you kinder, wiser and better equipped.
  4. The worst thing you can ever lose is respect for yourself. 
  5. The second is losing respect for someone else.
  6. People show you who they really are—good and bad. Pay attention, get quiet and wait.
  7. If you leave your computer in the car, it will be stolen. And never, never, never put your flash drive in the bag.
  8. Back up your work! (See #7)
  9. People who are unhappy with themselves will do everything in their power to make others around them miserable.
  10. If someone treats their family and friends with disrespect and disregard, they will treat you the same way. Don’t assume you’re special enough to change them.
  11. People who like you will find reasons to continue. People who don’t like you will find reasons to continue. It’s not about you, it’s about them.
  12. The best thing you can ever do is get honest with yourself. If you need to improve, do it. It may be hard work, but it’s worth it when you can look in the mirror and be proud of the person you are.
  13. Never think you know the heart of another—they can always surprise you!
  14. Do a vision board and then watch how your wants play out. The “Summer Time Fun” you requested from the Universe may be delivered in eight weeks with a hundred kids you get to lead around Atlanta.
  15. Spending time with kids forces you to be present. I recommend it to everyone at least once in their lifetime.
  16. Find peace with yourself. If you can’t be alone with you, what makes you think anyone else will want to be.
  17. Gratitude is in short supply. Take time each day to count all the ways you are blessed.
  18. You are never too old to get a crush!
  19. Surround yourself with people who lift you up. If you walk away from someone feeling worse, give them a silent blessing and keep your feet moving.
  20. If you have an idea, follow it and see where it leads. Life is an adventure!

Good luck in the New Year!


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