What I witnessed and learned in 2010…

“If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”  ~Mary Engelbreit

What I was blessed to witness in 2010—the resiliency of spirit; those who have been wronged, choosing to embrace kindness and generosity; those who found the strength to rebuild a weakened body and broken spirit, only to grow even more beautiful and strong; those who offered chances to others, for no other reason than they could; young people, full of enthusiasm and hope, taking that first, shaky step into the next phase of their lives; friends reaching out to those they love, standing firm, feet planted, knowing that sometimes the best thing that can be offered is the knowing that we are not alone; those who understood that sometimes the path that must be followed is only wide enough for one; those who fell, disappointed themselves with their rash choices, and had the audacity to stand, brush themselves off, and move forward.

What I learned in 2010—the healing power of time; the willingness to ask hard questions and wait patiently for the answers; tenaciousness in the face of adversity; humility to apologize when having wronged another; how to ask for help; the joy in helping those in need; the strength to make hard choices; healing laughter; that aging can be exciting if it is done with acceptance and grace; the willingness to grasp opportunity when it arrives, ignore the fear, and follow where it leads; if you keep your feet moving, you’re bound to get somewhere.

More than all of these things, the legacy of 2010 is the sweet, simple truth that in the large scheme of things, we all are, as we are, more than enough.

Happy 2011!


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