Lisa Heidle

I write flash, short and long form fiction, articles, essays, and book reviews. My work has appeared in the Flash Fiction Magazine Anthology, Sabal Literary Journal, Second Hand Stories, the Chattahoochee Review, and other literary journals. My short story collection, én•nēad, was released in 2017. I’m currently traveling coast to coast in the US and abroad seeking new story ideas and meeting noteworthy people.

About én•nēad

The short stories in én•nēad are filled with brutally honest characters who reveal their deepest desires as they endearingly win over readers, then break their hearts. An unreliable narrator working as a hospice worker falls for his dying, married patient and is forced to question what he will and will not do for love; a 1960’s debutante defies society’s conventions and then takes drastic measures in order to maintain her social status; an elderly mother gets lost in the Lord’s Prayer as she shares her life’s joys, disappointments, and years of abuse. These characters’ stories, and the others in this collection, explore the private places that live in us all and will stay with readers long after the book is finished.

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  1. Here’s something ironic. Tonight, and just tonight, I had completely convinced myself that I was no longer going to write. At least not with the passion that brings me to the page every day, or most days, again and again. Then I read what you wrote about on reflections for the new year.
    Thank you friend…or should I say, thank you once again, for bringing me back.

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