• “A Broken Prayer,” 2014 Sabal Literary Journal: Volume 10, Fall 2014.
• “Nothing But Trash,” Scratch Literary Journal: Volume 1, 2008.
• “I Remember,” Strictly Confidential, 2006.

Fiction Publications
• “What She Calls Life,” Toasted Cheese Literary Journal, online, Winter 2011.
• “Untethered,” The First Line, Winter 2010.
• “In the Center,” Pine Magazine, online, Winter 2007.

• 14 Actions that Lead to Workplace Bliss, Leading and Learning, Fall 2012.
• Recognizing Disengaged Faculty and Techniques to Turn Them Around, Leading and Learning, 2011.
• Social Media and Today’s Educators, Leading and Learning, 2011.

Book Reviews
• “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”, Susan Cain, Leading and Learning, Spring 2012.
• “Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements,” Tom Rath and James Harter, Leading and Learning, Winter 2011.
• “When the White House Was Ours”, Porter Shreve, The Chattahoochee Review, 2009.
• “The Safety of Secrets,” Delaune Michel, Rebecca’s Reads, 2008.
• “Bird’s in Fall,” Brad Kessler, Modern Day Scribe (Blog), 2008.
• “The Connected and Committed Leader,” Laura Lopez, Rebecca’s Reads, 2008.
• “Faded Genes: Memories of a Motherless Daughter,” Donna Jean Pomeroy, Rebecca’s Reads, 2008.
• “Journey from Head to Heart: Living and Working Authentically,” Nancy Oelklaus, Rebecca’s Reads, 2008.
• “Children and Traumatic Incident Reduction: Creative and Cognitive Approaches,” Rebecca’s Reads, 2008.
• “All Saints,” Liam Callanan, Atlanta Writer’s Club (Blog), 2008.

Editorial Projects
• “Under Chad’s Spell,” Amazon Kindle eBook, Editor, Summer 2014.
• Scratch Literary Journal: Volume 2, Editor, 2008.


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